Welcome to Cylinder Disposal Solutions Company

Cylinder Disposal Solutions Ltd is a registered, UK based company with expertise in the collection, disposal and recycling of Fire Extinguishers and other Hazardous and Non-Hazardous products. We can provide the best possible advice on handling your problem wastes and deliver cost effective solutions which comply with all current legislation. We are based in the heart of England which allows our services to accessible nationwide.


Our extensive transportation fleet allows us to provide full-service cylinder management from pick up to final disposal or recycling of all types and sizes of gas cylinders and portable tanks. Since we wholly own and operate our fleet and equipment, we are able to provide you with greater efficiency throughout the entire cylinder disposal process.


These days, sending empty cylinders to a metal recycler is common, but the process is highly regulated in the UK. When sending popular aluminium cylinders to a recycling company, the cylinders must be completely emptied with valves removed. To do this, the cylinder is placed in a vise, and using a special tool with some elbow grease, the valve can be removed. We are proud to hold all relevant certificates which allows us to conduct our services at the highest standard.